Why Agents Charge Fee's
The Inside Scoop

At Beyond The Wedding Travels, we charge service fees to ensure that we can provide the highest level of personalized service and expertise to our valued clients. We are dedicated to crafting unique and unforgettable travel experiences tailored to your specific preferences, interests, and budget. Charging service fees allows us to invest the time and resources necessary to research, plan, and coordinate every aspect of your trip, from securing the best deals on accommodations and transportation to providing insider tips and recommendations. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we strive to exceed your expectations and make your travel dreams a reality. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we believe that the value of our service fee is reflected in the unparalleled level of service and support we provide throughout the entire travel planning process.

With that being said, see each page for individual planning and research fee cost. Prices are subject to change at any time. If your type of vacation isn't listed. No worries! Send us a message and we will work on getting that memorable getaway planned!